Iherb Affiliate Program 2018

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How the Iherb Affiliate Program Works – 2018 Blog Edition – Updated January 2018!

If you are wondering how to be a part of the iHerb’s reward program called “iHerb Rewards”, then you came to a right place. Simple answer is this: Make your first order from iHerb website (Get 5% OFF via link) and you will become an affiliate member automatically! Yes, it’s that simple. After your first purchase you will get your own promo code that you can share with your friends, on your blog and social media. Iherb’s website has a own dedicated section for the rewards members featuring statistics, rankings, tools, tips etc. 

How much you will earn? Here’s how the rewards page guides you:

Give 5% & Get 5%

Spread the word about the world’s best value for natural products and receive a 5% Rewards credit from any order placed through your custom Rewards Links or Rewards Code. Your friends and family will save 5% off their order each time they use your Rewards Code or custom link.

Nobody knows how much you can earn. There’s a ranking page on the rewards site, and last month the number one member earned 30,507.82 dollars. Yes, in one month! I could live a year with that! :) If you have a massive number of followers on social media. I’m sure that would help a lot. Many people also use their code on various message boards as signature. Sharing the code is fairly easy, as it has three letters and three numbers. My code is YUY952. It’s randon generated. If there’s a pattern, I don’t see it on mine.

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