Old IHERB Coupon Is Back!

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Latest turn on the iHerb promo mess – Give 5% and Get 5%

OK. Here it is the latest twist in the iHerb promo coupon plot. Iherb rewards members can now choose between two codes.

1. Option is to keep all 10%, or share 5% of the value to customers. Basically:

1. Keep the “old” system where the reward member can keep everything, and customers gets NOTHING! How greedy option is that?

2. Upgrade to new the 5% & 5% model, where both gets 5 percent from total order value! This works for returning and old customers too!

My code has been always here to serve the customers, and blog readers. My code YUY952 will give you now 5% discount! Yes, my rewards affiliate bonus will most likely drop in half, but who wants to be a greedy pig? Not me.

Here’s the official word about the new system:

Spread the word about the world’s best value for natural products and receive a 5% Rewards credit from any order placed through your custom Rewards Links or Rewards Code. Your friends and family will save 5% off their order each time they use your Rewards Code or custom link.

This is really good news for both affiliates and shoppers. When the personal codes was removed it pretty much killed the whole bonus system. There was not point to use the links that featured the discount voucher. Now it serves both.

Vitacost vs iHerb – Quick Review:

Vitacost has lowered their bonus coupon to five dollars (previously it was $10.00), so this system competes better against Vitacost too. They are both great places to shop, but I like the iHerb’s search system more. Also the newly introduced Shipping Saver on iHerb is also a nice option, as some of the products can give a free international shipping.

New to iHerb? – Get 5 dollars + 5 percent OFF!

Want to order from iHerb. Here’s the winning coupon combo. Claim 5 dollar + 5% OFF discount via this link

Happy shopping!