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iHerb Discount Code for Existing Customers | YUY952

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iHerb Discount Code for Existing Customers | YUY952 – How to make sure you are getting the best discounts?

Existing customer coupon

If you are like me and don’t want to miss any special promotion, make sure  you will start your shopping from iHerb specials page:

Click here to visit the iHerb Specials page for the latest deals!

My coupon is attached automatically. It’s good as any other promo code out there. Rewards used from my coupon code will be used towards renewable energy.  You can read more about my crazy Solar Panel Project from here.

All the personal coupon codes have exactly the same value. No matter what people will tell you. Of course everyone wants people to use their code. Me included!  That’s why I’m 110% open about the coupons, and also telling you where my rewards go.

I believe in greener energy, and want to do my part. Solar panels has been my dream for years. It might take years finally to get them, but I’m doing the best I can!