iHerb Affiliate Network Changes

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Just when I wrote a blog post about iherb discount code for existing customers.

We’ll get a newsletter to rewards members regarding the affiliate changes. My extremely short review: This is good! You can now get rewards from every purchase. So, if you are a returning customer. This is really great!


Here’s the newsletter:

Dear iHerb Rewards Partner,

Our internal rewards program is now even simpler and more powerful: It allows you to pass a 5% discount to all customers, regardless if they have shopped at iHerb before or not.

In brief:  your rewards code, YUY952, saves all iHerb customers 5% off their order, regardless if they are current or new customers:

Give 5% to others, and get 10% rewards credit if they shop iHerb house brand:


Or give 5% to others, and get 5% rewards credit if they shop all other brands:


Here are links to some popular house brand name products (10% Rewards), with your rewards code attached:

Pure Sport Supplements


Age Refining Skin Care


Shelf Stable Probiotics


Read more about iHerb Rewards at:



iHerb Rewards Team


More info about coupons for existing customers: http://pusabase.com/blog/2016/06/20/iherb-discount-code-for-existing-customers/