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Why Bootleg Videos Doesn’t Get Removed from the YouTube?

Youtube videos is a huge business. It’s actually much bigger than one would have thought. If you are just a regular viewer, you might not know about all the “behind the scenes” stuff. Once you have set your own channel. It will reveal much more details about the whole system, and how it works.

1. Money Actually Goes to the Rightful Owner

Many people think that all the videos are freely on YouTube, and artists are losing money thanks to all those free unauthorized videos…Wrong! Money actually goes to the copyright owner(s). YouTube has ads and from the ad revenues they will pay money to the rightful owner(s).

Here’s is a screenshot from my Brucetapes YouTube Channel detail page

youtube-copyright-claimAs you can see. Each video has a copyright claim. It’s up to a copyright owner, if they wish that the videos should stay online. They also got to choose if they wish to monetize those videos. I haven’t gotten any removal requests and my channel has been up for for almost 10 years!

2. Uploader Doesn’t Get a Dime

I have uploaded dozens of Bruce Springsteen videos to YouTube, and I don’t get a dime for it. Same goes with any other copyrighted videos. Even though I have spend hundreds of hours making those videos. Let’s take the most viewed video from my channel for an example. Prove It All Night video from Largo 1978:


As you can see it is monetized by the copyright owner. I could file a dispute, but with this case it would be pointless. I get money from my own personal channel however, but the content is less interesting. :)

“Copyrighted content was found in your video. The claimant is allowing their content to be used in your YouTube video. However, ads might appear on it”

Video has gained over 500 000 views, and Sony has gotten around 1500 dollars from that video only! (Based on formula that 1 million views = worth 3000 dollars).  Now it’s easier to understand why these videos are still available on YouTube. It’s a big business! No need to do any math.

3. Removing Every Video Would Be a Bad Publicity

It’s up to artist what they want to do with all these “illegal” videos. Bruce & Co has decided that it’s OK. I’m glad that they do. They don’t however (usually) allow videos that will hurt their sales. Like uploading new official releases. Official releases also has an automatic “fingerprint”, and those will be tagged instantly. That’s the reason why some of the official releases gets removed quickly, even if there are only a limited amount of views.  YouTube doesn’t pay well as the other sources (Apple music, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify etc..) for the official releases, and that’s the reason why official releases are typically a big no-no. Also the reason why I don’t upload officially released material. Those are usually already available elsewhere. I don’t want to risk my channel either.

Sometimes official Bruce Springsteen social media accounts also link to the fan videos. So that is also a good sign. I gotta respect that!

4. Free Marketing / Promotion

YouTube uploaders are doing free marketing for the artist. Of course the quality of the videos vary, but how many social media stories behind concert experience includes a Youtube video? Many!

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