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Getting More Details Out of Old Bruce Springsteen Photos

Few months ago I started a new Youtube channel focusing on uploading the best possible videos for music fans to enjoy. Channel is called Pure Frosting HD Archives. I now have another YouTube channel simply called Pure Frosting. I will upload behind the scenes, and other videos to this channel, and keep the main channel just for the concert videos.

What is the current status of the Pure Frosting HD Archives? Right now I’m trying to save some money to buy a faster PC, and more software. One video takes about 10 hours of rendering with the current setup 4year old laptop with i7 processor, 8GB RAM, GTX 960 and SSD drive. Goal is to reduce the rendering time from 10 hours to 3 hours. Currently it feels like I’m just wasting time.

In the meantime. Check out my review of Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI. It’s a photo enlargement software with machine learning…Artificial Intelligence. See the video below to see how well the Gigapixel AI works with photos.

Sorry about my bad English. I should practice a little more. :)

Video credit: – Great  resource for fans of Steel Mill and other early Springsteen bands.

There is also a software called Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI, which focuses on AI based video upscaling. It’s not good enough for bootleg videos yet, but it’s getting there.

Here’s one early Bruce Springsteen photo from 1972(?) fixed by using Gigapixel AI and Photoshop.


I don’t know the exact date. It was dated as 1970, but I highly doubt it. I think this is from 1972. Based on the sideburns and the guitar. There are some Bruce Springsteen Band photos from 1972 and he is using the same Fender Jazzmaster Pine guitar (ugliest guitar I’ve seen to be honest, thankfully that didn’t become THE guitar) and having the same guitar strap. I wonder what the sticker on the mic stand is? Also this photo is the first color picture of the Bruce Springsteen Band I’ve seen (99.9% sure).

In my dream world I’d do nothing but video, photo and audio audio restorations for the music fans, but it doesn’t pay the bills, but it’s certainly a great hobby!


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