THE BAND – November 1st 1970 (Video Upgrade)

New Video Uploaded! THE BAND – November 1st 1970 – The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania New video upgrade available. How does this upload compare to the previous version on Youtube? Colors have been tuned. so the band members don’t look like they have been taken from the Simpsons. (No yellow/green tint). Video is less dark, and the audio has more

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Pure Frosting HD Archives Launch!

New YouTube Channel For High Quality Live Performances I wasn’t planning on launching my new YouTube channel anytime soon, but due the Corona virus I thought people might want to see some high quality music videos, when stuck at home. I wanted to make sure I would had a huge archive ready, before launching this, but…things change! Over the years

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E Street Shuffle VS Monkey Time

Story Behind the Bruce Springsteen Song “E Street Shuffle” It’s no secret that the song “E Street Shuffle” is based on Major Lance’s “Monkey Time”. I’m pretty sure I have read about it before, BUT due my to laziness, I have never bothered to search out more. The song is written by the R&B legend Curtis Mayfield. It was first

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Cam Cole – I See (Review)

Does Cam Cole’s Hard Work Pay Off? I live in Finland, and yet I’ve seen Cam Cole perform on the streets of London for dozens of times. YouTube really brings the world together. Thanks to YouTube’s algorithm suggesting “videos recommend for you”. Clearly the Youtube has taken into account all the artists I’ve have previously listened. Left Lane Cruiser, Moreland

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lee clayton

Darkness Album Has a Long Lost Country Brother

Long Lost Country Brother of the Darkness on the Edge Of Town Album Lee Clayton, one of the underrated country stars who started the whole outlaw country “movement” with his song “Ladies Love Outlaws” (made famous by Waylon Jennings). Clayton recorded some of the best music of the late 70’s. Well, that is if you ask me. Lee Clayton is

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Release your music without a label

Benefits of releasing your own music without a record label When you create your own music, it’s very important to promote it in the best way you possibly can if you want a great exposure and more fans. While using a label to release music is still one of the most widely encountered ways to get your music out in

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