iHerb Discount Code YUY952

iHerb Discount Promo code for 2018 – How it works?


Making an Order from iHerb – How to use promo code


Year 2018 kicked off, and here’s a quick look how the coupon code works in 2018. Currently there are 2 different coupons. Iherb discount coupon code YUY952 works on both old customers and with first time customers. It also works with every order. You can re-use the coupon every time you make an order!

Coupon YUY952 offers you a 5% OFF from the total order value (excluding shipping)-

Then there is a coupon code for first time customers only. It is valued for 5 dollars. WELCOME5 coupon works on orders over 40 dollars (excluding shipping). Both coupons YUY952 and WELCOME5 can be combined.聽Use both coupons via this link.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or existing customer. Link works on both automatically. If you are not a first time customer, it simply won’t apply the coupon WELCOME5.


How to get a free shipping? add Shipping Saver products!

Sometimes there is a campaign that includes a free shipping! But that is only few times per year, so best way to get a free shipping is to add products that qualifies as a shipping saver. Shipping saver products has a shipping saver logo (box). Normally these are compact sized packages. Adding Shipping saver products lowers the total shipping cost, if there are enough shipping saver products you can get a totally free shipping…even worldwide!

iherb rewards affiliate program – How to earn with the referral program?

Only way to join the iHerb’s affiliate rewards program is to make a first order from their site. When you have made your order, you will then receive your own promo coupon code that you can begin to share on social media, to friends, family, you name it….

Iherb favorites 2018


What to buy from iHerb? Here are my blog series of best of the iherb, which give some suggestions of what to buy. I tend to write new blog posts about my favorites every now and then.

Favorites – Part 1 | Favorites – Part 2 | Favorites – Part 3 | Top supplements for a weight loss – Part 1

Always looking for new products that I can test out. I do take requests what to review.


iherb loyalty credit – Rewarding existing customers


Not only you can save with the coupon, but you will also earn loyalty credit each time you’ll make an order.聽 Credit can be used on future purchases. Credits expires, so make sure you follow the status on your account details. If I remember they will send an email when the credit is about to expire. Great way to keep customers returning to their site.

does PAYPAL work with iherb


Yes, Paypal is one of the supported payment options. You can also use a credit card. Paypal makes things easier. 馃檪

Does iherb ship to where i live?


If you are wondering if iHerb ships to your country. Here’s a list taken from the iHerb’s website (from the cart). Best way is to test it out, and see if your country is listed.

Albania (AL / ALB), Andorra (AD / AND), Angola (AO / AGO), Antigua and Barbuda (AG / ATA), Argentina (AR / ARG) (AR / ARC), Armenia (AM / ARM), Aruba (AW / AWB), Australia (AU / AUS)) , Austria (AT / AUT), Azerbaijan (AZ / AZE), Bahamas (BS / BHS), Bahrain (BH / BHR), Bangladesh (BD / BGD), Barbados (BB / BRB), Belarus (BY / BLR), Belgium (BE / BEL), Belize (BZ / BLZ), Bermuda (BM / BMU), Bolivia (BO / BOL), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA / BIH), Botswana (BW / BWA), Brazil (BR / BRA), Brunei (BN / BRN), Bulgaria (BG / BGR), Burkina Faso (BF / BFA), Burundi (BI / BDI), Cambodia (KH / KHM), Canada (CA / CAN), Cape Verde (CV / CPV), Cayman Islands (KY / CYM), Channel Islands (GB), Guernsey (GG / GGY), Jersey (JE / JEY), Chile (CL / CHL), China (CN / CHN), Colombia (CO / COL), Congo (CG), Cook Islands (CK / COK), Costa Rica (CR / CRI), Cote & Ivoire (CI), Croatia (HR / HRV), Cyprus (CY / CYP), Czech Republic (CZ / CZE), Denmark (DK / DNK), Dominica (DM / DMA), Dominican Republic (DO / DOM), Ecuador (EC / ECU), Egypt (EG / EGY), El Salvador (SV / SLV), Estonia (EE / EST), Faroe Islands (FO / FRO), Fiji (FJ / FJI), Finland (FI / FIN), France (FR / FRA), French Guiana (GF / GUF), French Polynesia (PF / PYF), Gambia (GM / GMB), Georgia (GE / GEO), Germany (DE / DEU), Gibraltar (GI / GIB), Greece (GR / GRC), Greenland (GL / GRL), Grenada (GD / GRD), Guadeloupe, Guam (GU / GUM), Guatemala (GT / GTM), Guyana (GY / GUY), Great Britain (GB / GBR), Haiti (HT / HTI), Honduras (HN / HND), Hong Kong (HK / HKG), Hungary (HU / HUN), Iceland (IS / ISL), India (IN / IND), Indonesia (ID / IDN), Ireland (IE / IRL), Isle of Man (IM / IMN), Israel (IL / ISR), Italy (IT / ITA), Jamaica (JM / JAM), Japan (JP / JPN) Jordan (JO / JOR), Kazakhstan (KZ / KAZ), Kenya (KE / KEN), Korea, Kuwait (KW / KWT), Kyrgyzstan (KG / KGZ), Latvia (LV / LVA), Lebanon (LB / LBN), Liechtenstein (LI / LIE), Lithuania (LT / LTU), Luxembourg (LU / LUX), Macau (MO / MAC), Macedonia (MK / MKD), Madagascar (MG / MDG), Malaysia (MY / MYS), Maldives (MV / MDV), Mali (ML / MLI), Malta (MT / MLT), Martinique, Mauritius (MU / MUS), Mexico (MX / MEX), Moldova (MD / MDA), Monaco (MC / MCO), Mongolia (MN / MNG), Montenegro (ME / MNE), Mozambique (MZ / MOZ), Namibia (NA / NAM), Netherlands (NL / NLD), New Caledonia (NC / NCL), New Zealand (NZ / NZL) (), Nicaragua (NI / NIC), Northern Mariana Islands (MP / MNP), Norway (NO / NOR), Oman (OM / OMN), Panama (PA / PAN), Papua New Guinea (PG / PNG), Paraguay (PY / PRY), Peru (PE / PER), Philippines (PH / PHL), Poland (PL / POL), Portugal (PT / PRT), Qatar (QA / QAT), Romania (RO / ROU), Russian Federation (RU / RUS), Saint Kitts and Nevis (KN / KNA), Saint Lucia (LC / LCA), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VC / VCT), Samoa (WS / WSM), San Marino (SM / SMR), Saudi Arabia (SA / SAU), Senegal (SN / SEN), Serbia (RS / SRB), Seychelles (SC / SYC), Singapore (SG / SGP), Slovakia (SK / SVK), Slovenia (SI / SVN), Solomon Islands (SB / SLB), South Africa (ZA / ZAF), South Korea (KR / KOR), Spain (ES / ESP), Sri Lanka (LK / LKA), Suriname (SR / SUR), Sweden (SE / SWE), Switzerland (CH / CHE), Taiwan (TW / TWN), Tajikistan (TJ / TJK), Tanzania (TZ / TZA), Thailand (TH / THA), Togo (TG / TGO), Trinidad and Tobago (TT / TTO), Tunisia (TN / TUN), Turkey (TR / TUR), Ukraine (UA / UKR), United Arab Emirates (AE / ARE), United Kingdon (UK), United States (US / USA), Uruguay (UY / URY), Uzbekistan (UZ / UZB), Vanuatu (VU / VUT), Venezuela (VE / VEN), Vietnam (VN / VNM), Virgin Islands, British , Yemen (YE / YEM), Zambia (ZM / ZMB), Zimbabwe (ZW / ZWE)
Coupons work in every available country, in doesn’t matter if you are from Oman, Vietnam, Singapore…It has all the same benefits. Same promo code also works in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, 2018, 2019, 2020…

Coupon in other languages :


Afrikaans: koepon


Arabic: ?????


Azerbaijani: kupon


Belarusian: ?????


Bulgarian: ?????


Bengali: ????


Bosnian: kupon


Catalan: cup贸


Cebuano: kupon


Czech: kup贸n


Welsh: cwpon


Danish: kupon


German: Coupon


Greek: ???????


English: coupon


Esperanto: coupon


Spanish: cup贸n


Estonian: kupong


Basque: kupoi


Persian: ????


Finnish: kuponki


French: coupon


Irish: c煤p贸n


Galician: cup贸n


Gujarati: ????


Hausa: coupon


Hindi: ????


Hmong: coupon


Croatian: kupon


Haitian Creole: koupon


Hungarian: kupon


Armenian: ??????


Indonesian: kupon


Igbo: dere


Icelandic: afsl谩ttarmi冒a


Italian: buono


Hebrew: ????????


Japanese: ????


Javanese: kupon


Georgian: ??????


Kazakh: ?????


Khmer: ??????


Kannada: ?????


Korean: ??


Latin: coupon


Lao: coupon


Lithuanian: kuponas


Latvian: kupons


Malagasy: tapakila


Maori: coupon


Macedonian: ?????


Malayalam: ??????


Mongolian: ?????


Marathi: ????


Malay: kupon


Maltese: kupun


Myanmar (Burmese): ??????


Nepali: ????


Dutch: coupon


Norwegian: kupong


Chichewa: kuponi


Punjabi: ????


Polish: kupon


Portuguese: cupom


Romanian: cupon


Russian: ?????


Sinhala: ?????


Slovak: kup贸n


Slovenian: kupon


Somali: koobi


Albanian: kupon


Serbian: ?????


Sesotho: setlankane


Sundanese: Kupon


Swedish: kupong


Swahili: coupon


Tamil: ???????


Telugu: ?????


Tajik: ?????


Thai: ?????


Filipino: kupon


Turkish: kupon


Ukrainian: ?????


Urdu: ????


Uzbek: Kupon


Vietnamese: phi?u mua h脿ng


Yiddish: coupon


Yoruba: coupon


Chinese: ???


Chinese (Simplified): ???


Chinese (Traditional): ???


Zulu: isigqebhezana


PS. Vitacost doesn’t offer coupons for first time customers, so iHerb is great place for first timers (also to existing customers)!

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