iHerb Quick Guide 2018-2019

How to Order from iHerb? iHerb Quick Guide 2018-2019

iHerb’s Black Friday is just around the corner. Trust me, Black Friday is always here sooner than you think!

Here’s a quick guide for iHerb. Follow the numbers for tips how to save money from supplements.

I’m using screenshot from one product page:

Now Foods, UC-II Joint Health, Undenatured Type II Collagen, 60 Veg Capsules



1. When you move your mouse pointer to the bar top bar, it will give a drop-down list. One the bottom there are plenty of pages that give list of place worth checking out:

  • New – List of newly arrived products.
  • Best Sellers – If you are wondering what other people are buying
  • Specials This is the best place where to start your shopping experiece, as it has all the best deals!
  • Trial Items – Make sure you don’t miss this place. It has deals that you can only get only once.


2. 5% Loyalty credit from each purchase

3. If there is box that says “Shipping Saver”, it will lower your shipping cost. Sometimes you can get a totally free international shipping! Want to keep a low delivery cost. It’s good to add couple of shipping saver products!

4. Some products offer a combo purchase. Keep eye on this spot! It helps you to save some extra!

5. Quantity Discount. More you purchase, more you save! It’s that easy!

6. Check out the shipping weight. Lower the shipping weight is, cheaper the shipping will be.

7. Remember to check reviews and questions regarding each item!

Happy shopping!

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Solar Panel Project!

solar panels

Last Christmas I started this crazy solar panel project. I’m trying to get solar panels by year 2019 (I admit, it might be too soon)

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