Adele – Rolling In The Deep

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Adele – Rolling In The Deep

I must be the last person to hear to brilliant tune. This is a perfect mix of old and new. I really like the deep blues roots with some gospel mixed in. Her voice is about to “crack”, and it’s the best part. I want to hear the singer to struggle. You don’t get to hear any good results when your song has every corner smoothed out. 45+ million viewers can’t be wrong.

I don’t watch music channels on TV (TV watches me) or I don’t own a radio, but I managed to see this one by pure luck. :)

I’m surprised that there are still some good stuff out there. I don’t know how good rest of the songs are. I’m waiting them to show up on Spotify, and I’m not going to wear this song to the death. I’m gonna leave it to my collection, and get back later. That’s why I don’t listen radio or watch music channels these days. You start to hate the songs you love + You always want to find out new stuff to listen by your own rules.

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