Iherb and the end of free items?

End of an era – No more freebies at iHerb?

There’s a new announcement at the Iherb’s “Freebies” page: 

“Due to customs regulations, items on this page have been moved to Trials section. iHerb will continue to include promotional items whenever possible. “

There’s currently only one free item at the freebies page, and it looks like that for now on, all the “free” items comes available via trials page with discounted prices. I wonder if some limitations on how many items you can order at once from the trials page comes along.

These changes might not affect on US customers much, but as an international customer I need to worry about taxes.

Free items are one of the reasons why I prefer iHerb over Vitacost. This really isn’t huge loss, because Vitacost has much higher shipping rates, but if they manage to get their shipping costs to lower rates, I might have to think again. For now iHerb offers (usually) cheaper prices over Vitacost (thanks to cheaper postage) .

If you are still missing coupons, here’s my codes for Vitacost and iHerb:

iHerb: Up to 10 dollars off with coupon YUY952

Vitacost:  10 dollars off from orders over $30.00.  Get the coupon via this link.

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