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If you want to know what good bands we have here in Finland. Here is my list of best Finnish bands:

Melrose – It’s In The Bag (Rock/Rockabilly)

Melrose mixes up rockabilly & rock, and are known by their furious live performances. This is one of the better quality Melrose videos on Youtube. According to the Melrose singer/guitarist Tokela, he spend most of his time on air, when they were playing in the 80’s.

More info: Melrose – MySpace

Paleface – Colgate Soulmate (Rap/Hip Hop)

When Paleface entered the Finnish rap scene in 2000. He took the whole English rapping here in Finland to the next level. Of course his best tracks are not available on Youtube. In my opinion.

More info: Paleface – MySpace

Don Johnson Big Band – Road (Rap/Hip Hop)

Another great hip hop group. They claim to be the smallest big band in the world.

More info: Don Johnson Big Band – Homepage

Hurriganes – Roadrunner (Rock)

“Hurriganes is a Finnish rock band that was formed in the early 1970s. They were very popular in Finland in the 1970s and early ’80s; they were also a popular live act in Sweden during this time. Their classic line-up consisted of Remu Aaltonen, Albert Järvinen and Cisse Häkkinen. What seems like a misspelling in the name (“Hurriganes” with a “g”) is intentional. Their style of music is very much of a nostalgic, pre-Beatles, roots rock’n’roll orientation. During their “classic” period, the band’s output consisted largely of revved-up cover versions of well-known 1950s rock’n’roll songs in addition to their own original material. In this sense, Hurriganes can be viewed as Finland’s answer to British pub rock performers of the 1970s like Dave Edmunds and Dr. Feelgood.” – Wikipedia

More info: Hurriganes – Wikipedia

Havana Black – Lone Wolf (Southern Rock)

First Finnish band to hit Billboard chart list (1985)

More info: Havana Black – Homepage

Eternal Erection – Genetics (Funk)

One of the best funk bands since 70’s. Too bad that the Youtube videos doesn’t do the justice to this band.

More info: Eternal Erection – Homepage

Pepe Ahlqvist – Dust My Broom (blues)

“A distinguished member of the European blues elite, PEPE AHLQVIST (born on 4th of July 1956) is an internationally known Finnish blues artist. During his 40-year-long career he has frequently performed with many legendary blues artists.He has managed to maintain his popularity through the years by presenting fabulous and successful recordings with various bands and giving over 5.000 gigs and concerts.” Pepe Alhlqvist – bio

More info: Pepe Ahlqvist – Homepage

Albert Järvinen – Cry Before I Go (Blues)

Albert Järvinen on guitar (from Hurriganes), Dave Lindholm on vocals. Albert Järvinen later recorded a single with Lemmy Kilmister (from Motorhead). Listen on youtube.

More info: Albert Järvinen

Peer Günt – Backseat (Hard Rock)

Finnish Hard Rock band Peer Gunt in their prime.

More info: Youtube

The Bluestation – Bigger Than Jesus (Hard Rock/Blues)

These guys should be much bigger…

More info: The Bluestation – Homepage

Hanoi Rocks – Tragedy (Rock)

No list would be complete without Hanoi Rocks.

More info:

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