More Great Finnish Bands

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More Great Bands From Finland

This is a follow up post to my previous blog post “Best Of Finnish Bands“. I’m gonna keep the video descriptions short, and let the music do the talking.

Flaming Sideburns – Street Survivor (Garage Rock)

“The Flaming Sideburns’ Save Rock and Roll is one of my top 10 albums from the last 10 years.” – Dave Dederer (The Presidents of the USA)

Homepage: The Flaming Sideburns – MySpace

Poets Of The Fall – Carnival of Rust (Rock)

Poets Of The Fall is known to most people to “that band from the Max Payne 2 computer game”. POTF is pretty popular in European countries.

Kirka – Strangers In The Night (Heavy)

Something little more “obscure”. Kirka is more known about his Finnish adult pop song/schlager songs, but he had a fantastic heavy voice too. Classic track from 1986.

Royals – High (Rock/Progressive/Blues)

Royals (1975-1978) was one the more best progressive rock bands in Finland.

Dave Lindholm – That’s All Right, Mama (Live) (Rock/Blues)
Dave Lindholm played in many Finnish bands since late 60’s, and have done many solo albums, both in Finnish and English language.

Rock’n’Roll Band – I’m Gonna Roll (Rock)

Another fine band including Dave Lindholm. Rock’n’Roll Band was formed in 1975, and they broke up shortly after (or was it before) their first and only album was even out. There was a brief come-back tour in 2005. I managed to see two of those 2005 shows. I’m Gonna Roll is their hit song from the album “Everybody Needs Dance Music Sometimes” (1975). Not my fav song from the album, but only one I could find from Youtube.

Eppu Normaali – Joka päivä ja joka ikinen yö (acoustic live) (Rock)

Maybe the most known band from Finland. Eppu Normaali started as a punk band in late 70’s, but later they turned into a rock band. Here you can hear how Finnish language sounds like. :) They have sold about 1.5 millions albums. Population in Finland is about 5.3 million.