5 Reasons why you should update your old blog posts!

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Top-5 reasons why you should edit your old blog posts

People often abandon their work from the past. You’ve spent countless of hours working with your old posts. So why don’t you recycle them? Newer readers might have missed your earlier blog posts. Editing your old blog posts is a good way to bring up new and fresh content!

#1 Keep your blog posts & site updated – Always fresh content to share!

If your blog have outdated info. Why not just go back, and revisit the outdated parts from your blog? Fresh content with just a fraction of time you used on the original article!

#2 Add Pictures – Ooh..Shiny!

Adding picture(s) makes your blog post look like new! Also Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg etc. uses images from your blog post, and having any image is pretty much better than no image at all. :) Google image search is a great way to gain more visitors to your site! Remember to add proper image tags, and name the image.

#3 Link to your older blog posts – Don’t abandon your previous work!

Remember to link to your older posts every time you get a change, if you have written previously about the topic. Just don’t over do it, or your blog posts starts look spammy. Linking to older posts can help Google to index posts that haven’t been even indexed! It’s also nicer to share your old articles with updated info on Twitter, and other social media!

#4 Keywords and Labels – For the Search Engines and visitors!

For some reason people don’t add labels and keywords to their blog posts. Sometimes the labels (at least on Blogger) are faster indexed than the whole blog posts! Users can also better navigate on your site by using labels.

#5 Spelling – More professional look to your site!

Correcting spelling errors from your site brings your site/blog into a new level. Many browsers has a built-in spell checkers nowadays and you can use free Office software like OpenOffice or LibreOffice to correct your spelling.

Let me know, if you have more tips to share! :)

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