7 reasons why iHerb is my favourite affiliate network?

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With iHerb I only need one new referral per day to reach my passive income goal?




This page is not updated anymore. Click here to find the latest info about iHerb rewards system!




Following info is about the old iHerb referral system, and not the current!


Sometimes I wonder, if I’m the only one using the iHerb’s affiliate program? iHerb is one of the biggest health stores online.

and only affiliate network that’s not Klingon to beginners.

From iHerb‘s website:

“Recent data analysis, conducted in October 2011, found that iHerb customers referring 3 or more people over a year ago earned an average of $240.00. And the figure for customers referring 10 or more people was $640.00. “

Goal: Getting one new referral per day? Calculate yourself. Did I get your attention?


For a Limited Time Only! $10.00 off your first iHerb order with iHerb Coupon Code for orders over $40. For first-time customers and their “first order” only.

Great opportunity to get most out of iHerb!

Video explaining the iHerb Rewards “Affiliate network”:


1. Multilevel earnings that works!

Beauty of the iHerb referral systems is their multilevel earning system. You only need to sell the service once, and you’re done. No need to re-sell everything to the same referral. Best of all: Once he or she refers the iHerb (via coupon) to a new customer, you get gain commission from that too. Up to level 4 referrals! Do the math:

4% from level 1 sales
3% from level 2 sales
2% from level 3 sales
1% from level 4 sales

There are no buying or resale requirements. Or any other strings attached!

2. You don’t even need a website to start earning!

With the iHerb coupon codes, you don’t have to worry about customer using your links.

Tips how to get new referrals:

– Use Iherb coupon as signature on web forums (if rules allows)
– Share the iHerb coupon to your friends, family, neighbors, colleguas…
– Use Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc…)
– Share on bulletin boards
– Promote on your blog/website
– Use coupon code as your email signature (don’t spam)

3. International – Get iHerb referrals from all over the world!

One of the few referral programs that works worldwide. You can get customers from all over the world! China, Japan, Finland, Spain, Australia, US…

4. Adblockers can’t block your iHerb ads!

Unlike Adsense. Ad-blockers (like adblock+) can’t block your iHerb ads. You can build custom links, and images yourself! Just don’t rename them to ad_banner etc. and none of the ad-blockers won’t detect your ads!

5. Great service and prices!

I’m a regular customer myself, and even if you aren’t making any money with iHerb rewards program. You still get great products for cheaper than you would from your local stores. It’s easier to recommend iHerb products to your friends, when you have your own first hand experiences.

6. Discounts and campaigns!

iHerb has plenty of new discounts weekly, and great referral campaigns that can boost of your income. Just follow the emails you are getting from iHerb for new earning possibilities. Remember: All the iHerb coupons have the same value!

7. Usable on any site.

Just be creative, and you can sell iHerb products on any kind of website. As you can customize your own ads. Perfect way to to get fitting ads, as you can design them yourself.

I use iHerb as my main ad network on every site and blog I have. I don’t have to worry about custom links and codes on each site. As the same link works on every site!

8. Best just got better.

iHerb now has now feature called “My page”, which allows you to gain more referrals by your own reviews!

How to get started with iHerb?

Visit: www.iherb.com and make your first order with a coupon YUY952 and you will receive a $5 discount (or $10 on order over $30). Once you have done your first order, you will then get your personal code that you can start share with your friends….

Reminder: Always read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions carefully. This applies on any affiliate network!

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Tired and bored sitting in front of your computer?:

Check out iHerb: iHerb.com, and get up to $10 discount from your first order by using coupon YUY952

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