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Iherb Review: Madre Labs, CafeCeps, Instant Organic Coffee Beverage

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I’ve been searching for the best instant coffee for a while now, and I have tested one “mushroom” coffee from iHerb previously. (Read the review here: Long Green Corporation, Reishi Mushroom coffee. This time I’m testing the highly popular Madre Labs CafeCeps. I’ve seen plenty of blog posts, and topics about this coffee, and let’s see if there’s any truth behind those raving reviews.

Madre Labs CafeCeps vs Long Green Corporation Reishi Mushroom Coffee?

If you compare the ingredients list, you can see that the Long Green Company’s Reishi coffee doesn’t have any Corcyceps. Like Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) mushroom, Corcyceps should be a very healthy fungus. I don’t drink coffee for it’s health benefits (but I don’t mind if it’s healthy too).  Let’s go to the taste:

CafeCeps taste and smell like flour, and it had more stingy and bitter taste. Coffee powder blends in fast when you add boiling water. Madre Labs CafeCeps powder comes packed into a resealable plastic container, and it comes with a scoop. Maybe the CafeCeps is more healthy than the Reishi Coffee (by the Long Green Corporation), but I enjoy coffee mostly because of it’s taste. That’s why I prefer Reishi coffee for now on. CafeCeps has higher cost per serving too ($0.26 vs $0.19).

How come the Madre Labs CafeCeps coffee is so popular? One of the reasons could be the higher commission that iHerb offers to it’s affiliates. Within CafeCeps the commission is 51% of the price! All the Madre Labs products has higher commission rate, so you might want to read all the user reviews carefully.

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