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Review: Health King, Reishi Liver Guard Herb Tea from iHerb – Good as Reishi Coffee?

Health King, Reishi Liver Guard Herb Tea

This is the first time I have tried Reishi Tea. I’m a big fan of Reishi Coffee (and Longreen corporations Reishi coffee is my current favourite instant coffee). Reishi mushroom (Lucid Ganoderma) is good for liver (detoxifying, tonifying), and good for immune support.

How about this tea, is it any good? I usually drink tea and coffee purely for the taste, and this is not a good tasting tea. There’s just too many different ingredients added (Astragalus seed, Schizandra, Isatis Root, Wolfberry Leaf, Tender Green Tea Leaf and Jasmine Flower). I will continue to drink Reishi coffee, if I want the health benefits of reishi mushroom.

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