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Madre Labs, CocoCardio, 7.93 oz (225 g), Stay Fresh Re-Sealable Pak! My iHerb review + coupon code

Madre Labs, CocoCardio, 7.93 oz (225 g), Stay Fresh Re-Sealable Pak

Madre Labs is one of those brands I usually test, when there is a sale going on. “CocoCardio” happened to be on sale, and it’s currently priced for only $2.95 (normally it’s about $13,95?). I’ve seen plenty of iHerb regulars advertising CocoCardio and Cafeceps for newbiews, and that is mostly because of Iherb offering higher commission from iHerb products to them. Anyways, back to the product:

When there is a “warning” that the Cococardio may not taste the best without extra sweetener, that should ring some bells. :) I doubt there is anyone who like this product unsweetened. CocoCardio is way too bitter, and it taste like a mix of cocoa and berry juice. Powder doesn’t mix in well, and color isn’t the most tempting. I didn’t like the taste either. With $2.95 it’s hard to suggest this product to anyone. Maybe if you want the health benefits of it. You could try to mix this with smoothies and such. Good thing that iHerb has these sales, so the poor folks like me can try various health products.

If you are bouncing between this and CafeCeps (Cordyceps & Reishi coffee), I’d go with CafeCeps instead. :)

Score: 2/5

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