Music promotion on Spotify – Get the best gig

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Best way to get your music promoted on Spotify?


I joined Fiverr, and noticed that there are some people offering Spotify services. I have created a new gig that will get you wider audience! No..This is not a scam. Why would this be? This is perfect way for smaller artists to get cheap promotion. I’ll do my best with your music.

Complete Spotify Music Promotion Pack #1


  1. Your music  will be promoted to over 6900+ Spotify users via Activity Feed. Number of followers increases daily.
  2. Get hundreds of new plays for your song for 30 days!
  3. 3  x followers to your artist profile.
  4. 3 x starred track for one song,
  5. Song added to 3 playlists with users.

After 30 days, your song will be permanently to be on playlists, stars will remain, and followers will stay.

This is not by script or any sort of automation. This is all done naturally. I won’t play songs 24/7.

This package is available exclusively on Fiverr only!