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Check out my photo restorations gig at Fiverr

Photo restoration - Old army picture

I recently joined Fiverr to see, if there’s some room for new gigs. The economy currently is what it is, and it’s hard to find a new job. Hopefully Fiverr will give me some extra income (after taxes).

What is better than doing what you really love? I really love editing old photos, and bring them back to life. I have done photo restorations for ten years.

I mainly use Photoshop to for my photo restoration work. There’s no magic way to fix photos. 99% of the restoration work gets done manually. I checked out other similar services at Fiverr, and I think my work compete against the best there is.

Click here and check out my gig!


Fiverr gig description – I will do professional photo restoration of old photos for $5

I will always stay true to the original photograph. I don’t do excessive noise removal to make photos look unnatural, or do anything that will washout details. Most of the work gets done manually. I do my best to make the photo look as good as new.

Hopefully my portfolio speak for itself. Over 10 years of experience.

!! Minor damage fixes only for $5.00! – End result will look great when printed to 4×6″  (10cm x 15cm) !!

Please contact me before ordering, and send a photo sample, if you are not sure about the damage level.

Photo restorations are also great and unique gift idea. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day…

My Photo Restoration Services:

  • Photo restorations of minor to extremely damaged photographs
  • Restoration for both black & white and color photos
  • Repair of all sorts of damage. Stains, scratches, water, fire and sun damage, cracks, torn…
  • Color corrections
  • Paper texture removal
  • Sharpening
  • Vignetting (request only)
  • Enhancements (by request only)
  • Removing unwanted objects (by request only)
  • …and much more!

Other Fiverr gigs:

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