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July 2014 – Best iHerb buys, latest orders, lack of reviews and coupon talk


I have taken a break on my iHerb reviews. We just moved and it has been a long process. Plenty of stuff still waiting to be unpacked. I haven’t got much time review products I have bought from iHerb. Also there’s not many new products that I’ve tried. Latest orders have featured pretty much the same stuff I have ordered over and over again (aka the best buys).

I’m also looking for any tips what to review (feel free to suggest them!). I’m a huge coffee fan, and I have reviewed all the instant coffees that are available on iHerb. I have reviewed huge chunk of protein bars too. Lately I have ordered some cosmetics and makeups for my girlfriend. She’s not into blogging, and I don’t know I could review them…Other than Halloweens that is. :)

Looking for new product recommendations? There are some products that I haven’t recommended on this blog before:

E.L.F Makeup and Cosmetics & Queen Helene

ELF cosmetics and makeups are real bargains to everyone who are looking for quality makeups for cheap prices. E.L.F. cosmetics is even on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals! Iherb carry a long line of ELF products. Make sure you check them out. If you are an International customer, I’m sure you’ll save plenty of money!

Queen Helene. I think I have mentioned few of the products on my blog, but Queen Helene products offers really bargain facial scrubs and other products. I just ordered another batch of their great scrubs. They now have much nicer looking packages. Making them a great gift idea!

I’m gonna try to review more products on August.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my blog visitors from Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan and Korea! I’m using all the rewards to review new products and supplements!

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