Affiliate Networks – What programs I’m using?

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How do bloggers make money? My affiliate network favorites:

My blog is not really a goldmine. Althought my blog gets heavily spammed by other iHerb rewards members. Maybe because they think that my gets heavy website traffic. I check my Google rankings every now and then, and I haven’t noticed any heavy duty traffic. Nor does my site has a high PageRank either. Last time I checked I got PR2 (PR10 is the highest you can get). There’s plenty of room to improve my score… :(

I’m not really promoting my blogs or anything. 99% of sites gets most of their traffic via social media these days. I blog as a hobby, and any income I get, goes to maintain my websites, and all the iHerb “rewards” I get, goes to new products that I can review within my site.

What affiliate programs I’m using on my websites/blogs.

1. iHerb Rewards – Earn by referrals (MLM)

This has been my #1 choice for a long time. It’s easy to use, and there’s so many ways to promote your iHerb code. Websites/blogs/social media/email/message boards… Also it’s hard to use Ad-block software against iHerb ads.

It’s too bad that iHerb is pretty much the only Multi-Level Marketing program that is not a scam. Althought Iherb states that it’s not MLM program:

1. Is this an MLM program?
No. There are no financial obligations, no selling hyped-up products or annoying others. You simply introduce them (via your code) to one of the best overall values for brand name natural products on the market. Their potential savings could be hundreds of dollars per year!

To me this is a perfect concept. I really hope that other companies adapt this type of marketing.

2. Will I be making money off my friends?
No. Like any other business, iHerb has a marketing budget. Instead of giving it to Google, Yahoo, or other means of advertising, we give it to you

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon stores are really popular, and trusted. I recommend every blog/website owner to check out their Amazon Associates affiliate program. Only downside is that the Amazon UK removed their free International shipping (supersaver delivery).

3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense used to be great. But then came Adblockers. Many larger websites have paywalls these days, because days of earning via website banner ads has been long gone. I’m still using Google Adsense, but it’s not good as it used to be.

4. (Adfly) – Earn by sharing short links

Adfly has great idea for website owners to make some extra income. Too bad that the service has a bad reputation. I’m hoping that one of the big players buy the company, and turns it to more reputable service.

5. Vitacost

Similar to iHerb. Althought Vitacost doesn’t allow to turn rewards into cash. Doesn’t really matter to me, as I use the rewards to buy supplements that I can review. :) As for International customers, I think iHerb is a much better choice. Vitacost gives 10 dollars by each referral you’ll get.

All the above covers 99% of my website “income”. There are some other networks I have used like Record Union, Tradedoubler, Clickbank, Linkshare…but there’s not much to share about those programs (yet..I hope)