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Record Union review – Easy way to distribute music?

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Have you ever wondered how to get your music on Spotify, Google Play, Itunes and Apple music, Amazon and other digital music selling sites? You will need a music aggregator service that’ll help you do it. I have used Record Union for a while now, and here’s my review.

ReverbNation vs CDBaby vs AWAL vs Tunecore vs Record Union…

There’s so much competition within the music aggregator business, and the prices and models changes constantly, and new services comes available every other day. They’ll all have different pricing for each part of the release. Store selection, UPC & ISRC codes…Then there’s royalties. I thought about adding comparison  charts, but that data doesn’t stay fresh for a long time.

It’s hard to go and say which one is the best. If I want to review all the services, that would mean I would had to put out a different release on all of these services to see how they work.

Rather than doing so, I’m gonna add my few cents on why I have joined the Record Union site:

1.) Spotify trends. Record Union offers this great service that shows how well your track(s) are doing. Updated daily! This was pretty much the selling point, and I’m still checking this tool almost daily.
2.) Pricing. I find the pricing to be reasonable, and easy to understand.
3.) Easy to use. New website makes the progress even easier. I didn’t find the old design too hard to use, but it’s even easier now.
4.) Payments via Paypal. I like Paypal and it’s also easy to use and set up. Of course it would be cool if they would offer International wire transfer (IBAN).

5.) Releases comes available quickly. Sometimes it can take just few days to see your release available.

6.) Wide selection of stores

7.) Nice sale reports. You can easily check how well your music sells.

8.) Updates. When new Spotify countries etc. gets added. You’ll music goes available automatically.

There are some stuff I’m not too happy about thought. First of all, the Record Union site doesn’t look too professional, as there are plenty of typos. They just refreshed their site, which remained the same for few years, and now the new design has a huge amount of typos too.

When you make a release, there’s one option that really bugs me; it’s the “stores selection”, which has three options called; “Build Your Own”, “Top Dog” and “World Domination”. You’ll instantly notice that there’s pretty much only one real option, and it’s the most pricey one “World Domination”.

I have no idea why there is “Build Your Own”, as you can only add couple of stores, and then the “Top Dog” makes more sense…and for just few dollars more, and you’ll get all the stores available.

Would be nice if there would be an option for “streaming sites only”

With music aggregator services, you’ll need to do your own music promotion. Although Record Union offers promotion services too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Maybe one day I’ll see if they are worth buying.


Record Union is pretty simple and easy to use for anyone who is looking a way to publish their music easily to biggest online digital stores like: Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Rhapsody…etc.

Making your first release?

New Record Union customers can get 1 year of FREE distribution with coupon 81F2a8868e

– 1 year of FREE distribution
– This applies to any type of release (be it a single, EP or album)
– They can choose between all of the digital services that we distribute to

Record Union A&R Codes are now only by email by invitations only!. You you can reach me at: for an invitation, or by RecordUnionBonus(AT) I will get back to you in 24 hours.

Thanks, and best luck for your music release(s)!


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