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Baby toy review: Greenpoint Brands, My Natural, My First Cuddles, Plush Cat from


  • Cotton Toy Collection
  • 0+ Months
  • 100% Baby Safe
  • Special First Gift for Baby and Any Age
  • Collect ’em All


  • Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and natural
  • Premium quality cotton velour in bright colors
  • Safely made free of harmful substances and toxic chemicals
  • Low eco impact dye process
  • Machine washable


Greenpoint Brands “My First Cuddles” plush cat has become our baby’s favorite toy. He always chooses this plush toy, and always sleeps with it’s company.

There’s wide variation of plush toys to select from Greenpoint Brands, but this caught our attention thanks to vibrant colors, cat is adorable, and the overall design.

Box of this product is really sturdy, and has really nice retro design. Great gift idea.

All the materials are baby safe, and the toy still have vibrant colors after months of use. No signs of color fading at all!

Size of the cat is about 13 inches.

If you ask from best baby products from iHerb. This is currently our absolutely favorite. We are thinking about buying another one, that we’ll keep boxed. So our baby can give it to his children one day. Yes, this toy is really that good! We have also thought about buying different plush toys from the same brand, but right now it seems like waste of money, as our baby (5+ months) doesn’t show any signs of boredom with this plush cat! Maybe we’ll try the blankie toys next, when the winter time is here. :)

With current USD to Euro conversion it’s easy to recommend this product for everyone who is looking for a plush toy for their baby (or as a gift).

Score: 5/5

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