iHerb vs Vitacost – 2015 Edition

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iHerb vs Vitacost – Shipping, coupons and rewards

Vitacost vs Iherb

Things have changed since the last take on the iHerb Vs Vitacost battle. There’s not many changes that affects US customers, but for international customers there had been many changes.

Iherb has changed their rewards/affiliate system (affects everyone), and their shipping rates (international customers).

Vitacost & iHerb Rewards Comparison:

Let’s first see what iHerb did to their rewards program:

– Removed all the 2-4 tier referrals
– Gain referral bonus from tier 1 only. 6% from year one purchases, and 2% after that.


– Nothing has changed. 10 dollars from referral’s first purchase (order value must be over 30 dollars).

Vitacost & iHerb shipping:


– No more 4 dollar flat rate international shipping

New international airmail shipping rates:

Under 1 pound = $4.45 ($2.00 on $20+ orders)
From 1 pound to 2 pounds = $8.90 ($3.56 on $20+ orders)
From 2 pounds to 3 pounds = $13.35 ($5.34 on $20+ orders)
From 3 pounds to 4 pounds = $17.80 ($7.12 on $20+ orders)


– Flat rate $8.99 up to 3.60lbs (previously 3.00lbs)


– iHerb: 5 dollars on orders under $40.00 or 10 dollars on orders over $40.00
– Vitacost: 10 dollars on orders over $30.00


– iHerb removed freebies in 2014.
– Vitacost doesn’t offer free samples for international customers.


Thanks to newly tweaked shipping costs, iHerb remains to be best place (in many cases) for international customers when the order value is $20+.

But Vitacost has many lower priced items, and shipping weights on products are usually lower, so with heavier 3.00lbs-3.60lbs orders Vitacost might be your best bet. Also Vitacost has better campaigns. Buy 1 get 1 for free (or 50%) etc.

Price comparison between these two has always been hard, and with the new shipping rates (iHerb), it’s still hard as ever.

As for rewards system. Both have their own advantages. Vitacost has a slightly better system these days IMHO.


Where to get coupons? Vitacost & Iherb coupon codes:

Iherb gives you up to 10 dollars off with iHerb coupon code YUY952 (or via this link). $10.00 discount on orders over $40.00.

Vitacost gives you $10.00 OFF from your first order (orders over $30.00) with a coupon code. Get your $10.00 Vitacost coupon via this link.

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