PS4 Game Releases In February 2015

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Sony Playstation 4 Games To Be Released In February 2015

Pretty much like January, the month of February 2015 is set to be one of the best ones yet when it comes to PS4 releases, since there are quite a few AAA games as well as some indies that I’m sure you will definitely enjoy playing.



February is the month in which we will have the opportunity to play this one of a kind asymmetrical cooperative experience. Set to release on the 10th of February, this game allows us to play as one of the four hunters or as a monster as we try to evolve and get better skills that will help in killing the enemy. With a great system and a wonderful cooperative experience, this game is set to be the next coop reference! Surely a PS4 title to watch.

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Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Set to release on the 19th, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round allows us to get new characters, two new stages for the original game, as well as new costumes and hair styles. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also get a new resolution as well as 60 FPS. If you want to get a better Dead or Alive 5 experience then this one shouldn’t be missed.

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The Order: 1886


Already gone gold, this game successfully manages to blend a Victorian setting with steampunk. It’s a game that tells an alternate history where the old order of knights kills monsters in order to keep the world safe. The game blends action-adventure elements with third person shooting into a stellar, one of a kind singleplayer experience that you should definitely live. The game is a PS4 exclusive set for release on the 20th of February. I’m sure there are many gamers waiting for this title to be released!

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Dragon Ball XenoVerse


Dragon Ball XenoVerse is a fighting game that offers a massive open game world to explore and a wide range of characters from the series. It’s a very interesting introduction to the Dragon Ball XenoVerse environment and it even does have a few connections to the franchise from a story standpoint. The release date is 24 February for this game.

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires


Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is a beat ’em up video game. A second expansion to the original title, this one has a much larger focus on bringing a better battle system as well as impressive strategies. You will be able to enhance the power of any player and you can also try out marriage systems, offices and so on. The expansion will also feature a new character. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is known in Japan as “Shin Sangokumusou 7”.

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 1


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is set to be released in an episodic form in which we will continue the survival horror experience in the role of Claire Redfield. The first episode will be released on the 24th of February with the next ones coming shortly after.

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Don Bradman Cricket 14


Although Don Bradman Cricket 14 is already available on Windows and the older consoles, at the end of February we will also be able to play this game on the next gen consoles as well. Cricket is a very popular sport in Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West India, and Zimbabwe. Just thought you wanted to know this fact. :)

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These are all PS4 releases that will take place in February 2015. As you can see, there are a few AAA titles such as Evolve and The Order: 1886 that are definitely worth your attention, but it’s good to check out the others as well because who knows what you might like!

What game you are waiting the most?

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