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Benefits of releasing your own music without a record label

release your record without a label

When you create your own music, it’s very important to promote it in the best way you possibly can if you want a great exposure and more fans. While using a label to release music is still one of the most widely encountered ways to get your music out in the wild, more and more platforms and companies provide you with the opportunity to release music on your own, without having to strike a deal with any label. This might seem risky at first, but in fact it provides you with quite a lot of benefits.

The first major benefit is that you will earn more money from each sale. As expected, the record label is basically an intermediary, so they will take a cut from your sales. Releasing on your own is simpler, because you will be able to choose where you promote your music, and thus get the best results as well as the most money from the experience.

Alongside that, a record label will usually tie a release or even multiple releases via a contract, so you will have to work with them for a certain period of time. This might be ok for some people, but if you want to be free when it comes to your creativity and promotional ventures, then releasing your music on your own is the best way to do it.

The sense of freedom that you get when you release music without a label is impressive, mainly because you have the opportunity to choose from many places where you can promote it. Most of the time, you can either create a site and use a payment processor to get the money, or you can use a music aggregation site. Be it Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer or BandCamp, all of these sites are great if you want to promote your music without a label, and they don’t take that much money as well.

On top of that, another benefit is definitely the fact that you can get funds from wherever you want, without restrictions. Of course, releasing music does require some money, but when you aren’t tied to a label, you can choose your own sponsors and thus create the distribution network that you want.

One of the major benefits, in our opinion, is definitely the fact that you can keep the exclusive rights for everything that you release, so you can easily sell those rights to the highest bidder rather than giving them to the label. If you become successful, there might be a lot of money involved in such a deal, so this is why you need to release the music on your own.

As you can see, releasing music on your own is very impressive, and you get a ton of benefit for choosing such a business model. Of course, you do have some drawbacks such as the lack of contacts and more expenses, but in the end getting known on your own is much more impressive, and it will also boost your musical career a lot!

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