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My latest orders from Vitacost and iHerb – Protein Chips and bars – February 21, 2015

I recently wrote about Vitacost vs iHerb, and my last two orders are a fine example of why I prefer both companies.

Vitacost order:

Quest Nutrition Protein Chips BBQ — 8 Bags:

Reason why I prefered Vitacost on this order is the cheaper International shipping cost they offer. Without the lower shipping rate, I doubt I would have ever ordered this product, as just for the protein chips above, iHerb gave a ridiculous shipping rate!


Vitacost: International Shipping cost $8.99 (cheapest option)

iHerb: International Shipping cost $28.03 (cheapest option)

So it was easy to choose Vitacost with this order. I also added the following items with the same $8.99 postage:

The Simply Bar Simply Protein Chips™ Pea Protein Chips Chili — 1.16 oz – (3 Bags)
Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips Lemon Herb — 1.2 oz – (6 Bags)

iHerb order:

Quest Nutrition, Protein Bar, S’mores Flavor, 12 Bars, 2.12 (60 g) Each (QST-00123)


I was curious to see if these are any better than the S’mores bars from the “Pure Protein” company, which were one the worst protein bars I have ever tasted. With Quest Nutrion it’s often a hit or miss.

Vitacost had a slightly cheaper price for these bars, but the shipping rate was much higher.

Shipping costs: iHerb $3.56 vs Vitacost $8.99.

It’s nice to see that Quest Nutrition has also entered the protein chips market. I’ve been happy with the Kay’s protein chips (other than BBQ), my reviews can be found here.

I’m gonna review the products once I get them. Usually it takes about 10 days average to receive packages from both Vitacost and iHerb.

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