Review: Quest Nutrition Protein Chips BBQ

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Quest Nutrition Protein Chips BBQ – Healthier Movie Snack – Review

Quest-Nutrition-Protein-Chips-BBQI’m a fan of protein snacks. Soon as I noticed that Quest Nutrition also has protein chips on their selection, I went to see iHerb and Vitacost if they have them available. Iherb had a ridiculous shipping weight on these (international shipping cost sky rocketed). So, I ended up making my order from Vitacost.

On paper these look really good. Whey protein (instead of soy), incredible 21grams of protein per serving and only 5g of carbs…

..but how about the taste?

These taste like sugarless corn flakes with spices. Flavor leaves much to desire, taste is really narrow, and has mostly paprika and salt.

Chips are really thin and large, and doesn’t crunch much. After a bag these doesn’t make you feel full, unlike Kay’s Naturals protein snacks.

I’m not really impressed with these. Of course it’s nice that these have great amount of protein and small amount of carbs.

I’m not giving up on Quest Nutrition chips. I’m gonna order other flavors and see if they are any better.

Score: 3/5

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