iHerb Shop Clearance Sale!

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Iherb’s clearance sale – Great way to find best bargains

In case you haven’t noticed. Iherb has a new section on their website called “Clearance“. It’s a great way to find bargain products.

There’s also number of items that international customers couldn’t order previously without worrying about extra taxes and customs. If your looking for what to buy on iHerb. Clearance page is my new favorite thing.

I ordered Dr. Mercola’s Heirloom Variety Seed Collection (26 Packets), which had been on my wish list for ages. It was way beyond tax limit previously, and now it’s under 40 dollars.


Shop Clearance and save up to 30% off our everyday low prices!
Clearance includes items that have been discontinued by the vendor or by iHerb. Available while supplies last.

Also the newly introduced volume discounts works on clearance products (Top 50 Brands only!). Same goes with all the possible VIP customer discounts.

Iherb coupon:

If you are a new customer, you can get up to 10 dollars off with iHerb coupon code YUY952.

There are no coupons for old customers, but you can see the latest iherb discounts from this page.  It’s a great place for returning customers. Learn more about iHerb coupons: Iherb coupon code info.