Iherb tips: Bargain Omega-3 & CoQ10 with this tip

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iHerb tip of the month: Bargain Omega-3 & CoQ10 products

Now here’s a great tip how to save plenty with iHerb shopping.

To get bargain priced Madre Labs, Omega 3 Premium Fish Oil and Doctor’s Best, CoQ10 with BioPerine.  You need to do this trick:

Click “Add Both To Cart” on  Doctor’s Best, CoQ10, with BioPerine, 100 mg, 120 Softgels page. See image:


Do this twice, and you’ll see some really discounted prices! See photo below:


How does this work? There’s a bundle discount + CoQ10 is on -20% special sale + You get extra 10% off “volume discount”.

Just for $4.35 you get 200 Omega-3 sofgels, and for $18.65 you get 240 CoQ10 softgels, this is what I call a bargain!

International shipping is $3.56 for these 4 items + You can add extra 0.58lbs with the same shipping cost!

Of course you’ll save even more, if you haven’t used your first time customer coupon code.

Iherb coupon code:

If you are a new iherb customer, you can get up to 10 dollars off with iHerb coupon code YUY952.

There are no coupons for existing customers, but you can see the latest iherb sales from this page

It’s a great place for both old and customers. Learn more about iHerb coupons: Iherb coupons info.