iHerb review: Lenny & Larry’s Muscle Brownies

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“Muscle Brownies” Review – Lenny & Larry’s Muscle Brownies – A latest protein snack purchase from iHerb

New brand to me. Packages looked cool and the price was very reasonable. Always happy to test out new protein bars. Here’s the reviews:

Lenny & Larry’s, Muscle Brownie, Triple Chocolate, 12 Brownies, 2.82 oz (80 g) Each

lenny and larrys muscle brownie triple chocolate

To be honest I didn’t first like these much, as these tasted little artificial, but with a glass of cold milk, these are absolutely delicious. With little help from microwave (to add freshly baked feel), these will turn out even better (just be careful 10 secs was enough for me), and add freshly baked feel. Package says 2 servings per brownie, but I challenge to try and not to eat whole brownie. There’s plenty of carbs/sugar, and these are more like energy bar.  I can easily replace one smaller meal with one brownie.

Score: 4/5

Lenny & Larry’s, Muscle Brownie, Cookies & Cream, 12 Brownies, 2.82 oz (80 g) Each

lenny and larrys muscle brownie cookies and cream

There’s not much difference between these two “Muscle Brownies” from Lenny & Larry’s. Cookies and Cream has a more appealing look. Taste is pretty much the same, but cookie bits are like small rocks, and after the first bit I ate these little more carefully. One downside with both is the really long ingredient list. That’s not usually a great thing.

Score: 4/5


PS. Using a microwave is a neat trick, works wonders with some protein bars too. Protein bars can be great when frozen.