Reishi Superfood Mushroom Drink Mix

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Review: Four Sigma Foods, Reishi Superfood Mushroom Drink Mix with Supporting Herbs – October 23, 2016


Reviewing a Four Sigma Food’s superfood mushroom drink mix. This is a Reishi mushroom drink with supporting herbs. I have reviewed plenty of different flavored instant coffees, but not many other hot drinks.

Taste is closer to a tea, rather than to a mushroom drink. This is sweet tasting licorice drink, most of the taste comes from licorice root, and sweetness comes from stevia. Yes, there’s a hint of mushroom taste too. I like this hot mix, but over 30 dollar price tag is just too much. I’m gonna save this for the cold winter season.

Ingredients: Reishi extract, star anise, wild mint, licorice root, REB A (stevia extract). All the ingredients blended nicely with hot water. No caffeine.

Package said that box contains 20 sachets, but I only counted 19 sachets (including the one I used on unboxing video). There’s no plastic wrap over the package.

Unboxing video:

Score: 4/5