Muscletech, Nitro Tech Power, French Vanilla Swirl Review

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Review: Muscletech, Nitro Tech Power, French Vanilla Swirl – Latest purchase from

I have reviewed Muscletech’s protein powders previously, so this is not a new brand to me . This time it’s time to review their “French Vanilla Swirl” protein powder.

Like with most of the protein powders, this too comes in a really large package. Not the most ecological way to go, as there’s room for double the amount of powder.

Powder blends pretty easily. Taste is not very strong, and there could be more vanilla flavor. I hoped more from the taste.  One scoop has 30 grams of protein. Package contains scoop.

I don’t use protein products daily. This I will use only on workout/training days

One good thing I like about this product, is that this has creatine. With this I don’t need to add extra creatine to my protein shakes.

Stars: 4/5