Best Iherb Products 2017

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My blog gets often visits from people who are searching for the “Best” iherb products, recommendations or favorites. It’s not an easy task to list my favorite products. We all have our reasons what we buy. There are four things that I always think/check before buying.

  1. Do I really need this product? Yes, sometimes the product description is so hyped, that you’ve “must” buy it. I have to admit that I have bought way too many supplements that I haven’t finished taking. That’s why I’m more selective on what I buy.
  2. Price. Can I afford it? Same supplement from various brands. Comparing prices is always a good thing. I want to save money, if possible.
  3. Quality. Some supplements comes in various forms. tablets, capsules, softgels. I prefer capsules or softgels, because they don’t leave a nasty taste, and are usually much easier to swallow. Yes, powder form is great, but capsules and gels are more convenient.
  4. Reviews. I rarely buy anything blindfolded.

Works with existing customers too!


My current favorites from aka The Essentials

Here’s a list of products that I can easily recommend. Always returning back to these. All of these offers great price and quality ratio.


Magnesium Citrate

If there is one product to have. I’d say magnesium. Magnesium in Citrate form absorbs better than oxide. Keeping away muscle pain and cramps. Even allergies. There’s always new positive effects discovered. It’s not always easy to get the recommended value of magnesium from a regular daily diet.

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Vitamin D3

If you live in a country where you barely see any sun. Vitamin D3 can be a life saver. One of the supplements I have to have. Not only it keeps me more active during winter, it will also help me to sleep better.

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Methylcobalamin B-12

Someone said that taking b12 is like putting the lights on. Yes, first the effect was like that, but I don’t take this daily anymore. Only when I feel little foggy.

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My first initial review didn’t gave this a raving review. I’m lazy, and to be honest this is a great way to get all the joint pain help from one “bottle”. It’s not cheap, but I don’t have to look any other products, and try to combine them.

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Omega 3

I don’t eat much fish, and getting some fish oil should keep away heart problems. I don’t know if these help, but it’s better to safe than sorry. I don’t find the price bad either. One of the rare cases where Madre Labs product is really cheap.

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Keeps my energy levels up, and skin in great condition. I can’t take these before the bedtime or I don’t get any sleep.

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Natural sleep aid. When I feel restless before the nighttime. Melatonin always helps me to sleep more easily.
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