Iherb Search Tips for the Best Bargains

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How to Use Iherb Search – Best Ways to find the existing deals! Save up to 60% off + Iherb Coupon code: YUY952

Are you lost with the massive selection of products on the iHerb’s website? Then you are not alone. Here’s some tips how to find the best deals on their site. Some deals are easier to find than others. I’ve been sharing my iherb tips on this blog since 2011, and I’ve been their customer about 10 years. There is even one hidden place for bargain hunters!

Where to Start Shopping?

First you’ll should check out the top bar on the main page. I has four different links. Sometimes it gets hidden under the “Free Shipping” banner, but comes available again in about 7 seconds after that. Patience my friend. :)

Once the top bar comes available. Here are the places your should really check out, for those looking the best buys.

Daily & Weekly Specials:

Daily specials gets updated every working day, and the weekend deal starts on Friday. Week long deals starts on every Wednesday. Those always have something great to buy. You’ll rarely go away from that page empty handed. Go to Daily & Weekly Specials page. This section leads to two interesting pages.

Clearance Sale

To see all the clearance sale items, you’ll need to click the “View All” to see all the clearance sale items (almost 200, when writing this). Page that cannot be missed!


Brands of the Week.

Same as the previous deal, you’ll need to click the view all, to “unlock” all the deals. This page changes weekly with different brands. If you didn’t find anything good the previous week, I always check these rotating deals.

Try & Save – “Freebies” page:

Try & Save page used to be freebies page with product samples.  But it gave some troubles with customs, so the “free products” are gone for good. That doesn’t mean that this page isn’t worth checking out! It’s now renamed to Try & Save/Trials page.

If you haven’t used this section before, you are in for a treat. Click here to go to Try & save page, and click the sorting column. Sort by low to high to get the best deals.  Another page you don’t want to miss out. You can buy products from Try & Save only once!

Short Dated Sale – Hidden page!

Iherb also has a dedicated page for products that has an expire date coming near. Even more discounts with this section. This is a page that is hidden on their site really well. Click here and go to Short Dated Sale!


I hope you liked my tips how to find the best bargains from the iHerb website.


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