Puoskari’s Gigs on Fiverr Removed – Spotify Promotion and Photo Restorations

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Puoskari’s Gigs Removed from Fiverr – Spotify Promotions and Photo Restoration Services No Longer Available


What a sad day. Fiverr decided to remove all my gigs from their service without a warning. Happy customer and seller for 5 years. Plenty of great customers, sellers and people I chatted among the years.

My wife asked that there must be a way to contact your buyers. Nope, there was nothing shared outside the Fiverr’s system. This was her idea that I would write a blog post.

I honestly don’t know what happened. I’ve followed the Terms of Service really carefully, and I was open for what I was doing. Yet, there are hundreds of gigs available that openly doesn’t follow the rules. But that’s a different story.

I can’t complete any gigs that was waiting for a delivery. Fiverr refunded those gigs.

As for what happens with the ongoing promotions. I will keep my word and keep those running! So, don’t you worry.

My photo restorations are gone too. There was couple of orders I really wanted to finish, but I can’t do anything. I can’t contact anyone. This wasn’t my decision.

You can contact me at zeke(at)wippies.fi

Maybe this will reach some of my customers.

Really sorry about this!