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iHerb Loyalty Credit – How It Works?

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iHerb Loyalty Credit – How Does It Work and Is It Same As the iHerb Rewards?

iherb loyalty creditIHerb Loyalty Credit Program” is a feature that I haven’t discussed on my iHerb blog previously (blog name changed earlier this month, and this time I’m 99% sure it’s a permanent move)

You will earn 5% loyalty credit from each purchase you’ll make from iHerb’s website. This amount excludes shipping charges and discounts. After the loyalty credit has been added to your account, you will have 60 days to use it before it expires.

You can see the loyalty credit info from your account page -> My Account -> Dashboard:

iherb loyalty credit 2And above is the perfect example how to miss your loyalty credit. It appears that my previous order expired already, and I don’t have anything left to use…Oops!

Can I still use the iHerb Coupon YUY952 and save 5% extra from each purchase?

YES! You can use the 5% voucher with each order, and still gain the 5% loyalty credit. Even with the order when using your loyalty credit! 

I agree, this is pretty confusing, but you should always apply the coupon above that works for both new and existing customers. It’s repeatable too, so you can use it every time!

Best part is that you can still use the iherb coupon YUY952 and still earn the loyalty credit. That is like double the rewards.

Loyalty credits gets applied automatically to your account. So, you don’t have to worry about it all. Just make sure you will use the credit before it expires (within 60 days). Don’t be fool like me. :)

How to participate with the iHerb rewards program?

Each customer will join the “iHerb affiliate program” automatically. After the first purchase you’ll get your own unique rewards code that you can begin to share with with your friends and family, and start earning rewards!

How to Get a Free IHerb Shipping?

Adding Shipping Saver products to your shopping cart helps you to get a free shipping! You can spot those products easily (shipping saver box logo). Typically on smaller products.

More info: iHerb Discount Coupon Page