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Top Supplements for losing weight


Like after every Christmas, It’s time to lose some weight. If you gained weight in a short period of time, it’s usually much easier to lose that extra weight. Add some excises (preferable) on outdoors, keeping you out of temptations, and it’s good for a mental health too. Even a short walk in the woods lowers your blood pressure. Mental health and weight loss often goes hand in hand. Think about it? When you are feeling good, you are more motivated to reach your goal!

Of course cutting down calories will be keep the good pace going on. Hollywood miracle diet is a temporal fast solution for losing some weight, but it bounces back quickly.

Now to supplements!

People are often looking for a miracle pills for the weight loss. There are some supplement that will help you to lose weight or should I say support the weight lose. Key for weight loss is exercise and a healthy eating plan. These supplements will keep you going and help your to get better results. Listing is not by best to worse.

1. Tonalin – CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

I have found Tonalin really effective when I do long exercises. Losing fat faster than normally. Take one softgel per every bigger meal (I typically take these 3 per day). Tonalin has some side effects like fatigue.

With exercise. It doesn’t take too long to lose some extra inches around your waist. Keep a healthy diet going on, and stay away from temptations. I have used this supplement after every Christmas, and it helps me to get back to my normal weight sooner.

2. Green Tea (EGCG)

Green Tea (EGCG) Increases termogenesis, and it it’s an effective fat burner. I sweat a lot when I exercise, but with EGCG I sweat like crazy. EGCQ is also good for brain and heart health.

With Green Tea make sure you’ll check how much EGCG each capsule/tablet contains. Iherb has a wide selection of various EGCG products. Always check the serving amount too. If you are shopping for best price, that’s one factor you’ll need to check.

3. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has a long list of health benefits, but did you also know that it’s an effective fat burner? Another good thing about Vitamin D3 is that it will provide a better sleep, and you will wake up more rested!

4. Ubiquinone / CoQ10

Ubiquinone aka CoQ10 is a perfect energy booster. It will keep going much better than caffeine. CoQ10 has numerous health benefits, and the energy boosting and headache removing abilities are the ones that you’ll soon notice. It will also improve your skin.

5. Magnesium

Helps you to relax after a long day. Say goodbye to sore muscles and cramps. Keeping your heart in a good shape. I recommend magnesium to pretty much everyone. I take 200mg in the morning, and 200mg before going to bed.

6. Melatonin

Melatonin is a natural sleep aid. It’s hard to resist all the fatty and sugary foods after a long day. Take melatonin 30-60 mins before you’ll go to bed. You will sleep better and stay away from bad habits.

Hope the list above will keep you focused with your weight loss. And all the best for the year 2018.


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