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iHerb Favorites & Recommendations 2018-2019

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What to buy from iHerb? Best iHerb products 2018-2019 – Iherb Coupon and Shipping Saver!


List of the Best products  from iHerb aka What to Buy!

For easier navigation I tought I’d add all the favorites under one big blog post. Web has changed a lot. People use smartphones and tablets for surfing (me included). That’s why it’s easier to have all in one place. No more extra clicks. Here’s a list of supplements and other products that I can easily recommend. Always returning back to these. All of these offers great price and quality ratio.


Magnesium Citrate

If there is one product to have. I’d say magnesium. Magnesium in Citrate form absorbs better than oxide. Keeping away muscle pain and cramps. Even allergies. There’s always new positive effects discovered from magneisum. It’s not always easy to get the recommended value of magnesium from a regular daily diet.

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Vitamin D3

If you live in a country where you barely see any sun. Vitamin D3 can be a life saver. One of the supplements I have to have. Not only it keeps me more active during winter, it will also help me to sleep better. It’s a cheap supplement and easy to recommend, if you don’t see enough sunny daylight.

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Methylcobalamin B-12

Someone said that taking b12 is like putting the lights on. Yes, first the effect was like that, but I don’t take this daily anymore. Only when I feel little foggy. Gives a nice refreshing start for a day.

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My first initial review didn’t gave this a raving review. I’m lazy, and to be honest this is a great way to get all the joint pain help from one “bottle”. It’s not cheap, but I don’t have to look any other products, and try to combine them. Most likely that way you’ll end up saving few bucks, and lose your sanity. This is great all-in-one solution. For lazy people like me.

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Omega 3

I don’t eat much fish, and getting some fish oil should keep away heart problems. I don’t know if these help, but it’s better to safe than sorry. I don’t find the price bad either. One of the rare cases where Madre Labs product is really cheap.

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Keeps my energy levels up, and skin in great condition. I can’t take these before the bedtime or I don’t get any sleep. Helps with better elastic skin too.

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Natural sleep aid. When I feel restless before the nighttime. Melatonin always helps me to sleep more easily and quickly. I think improves the quality of a sleep too.

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Meal Replacement:

Naturade, Total Soy, Meal Replacement, Vanilla, 19.1 oz (540 g). Really cheap meal replacement drink filled with vitamins, and best of all has a wonderful taste. Our family favorite. Add to your pancake mix. For some reason Vitacost doesn’t carry this flavor (only french vanilla, which isn’t good as this!)

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Natrol, Biotin, Maximum Strength, 10,000 mcg, 100 Tablets. I don’t use the 10,000 mcg, as it’s too high amount for me. Cut these in half, and you are good to go for 200 days! Biotin helps your hair and nails grow stronger. This the cheapest there is. Shipping Saver product.

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Chili Sauce

Huy Fong Foods Inc., Sriracha, Hot Chili Sauce, 17 oz (482 g). The only chili sauce we use. It add spiciness, but doesn’t taste all chili (or vinegar or…). Pretty much sold in every grocery store there is. It’s much cheaper on iherb than our local store (Yes, you should support your local business, but my money goes mostly to local stores anyway), and usually I’ll add this when there is room left on my iherb order (weight wise). One of those products that you’ll have to have. Quests also loves this one. If they are not familiar with this, make sure to add only few drops first.

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There are two different plus white toothpastes that gives great results. We don’t smoke, but the smokers’ white gives a great results, same goes with the coffee drinkers’ version (I drink a lot of coffee). Both are Shipping Saver products. Helps to reduce the shipping cost!


Garlic Powder

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Second best thing to fresh garlic. We use garlic in pretty much every food. Best garlic powder I have tasted. Yes, it’s not the cheapest there is, but sometimes you’ll better pay few extra cents for a better quality one.

Instant Coffee:

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Mount Hagen, Organic Fairtrade Coffee, Instant, Freeze Dried, 3.53 oz (100 g). One of the best instant coffees. Surely not the cheapest. I usually make only one cup of coffee at the time, with coffee maker you’ll make plenty of extra you’ll never drink. Easy to recommend.

Sambucus :

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Nature’s Way, Original Sambucus, Bio-Certified Elderberry Lozenges, 30 Lozenges. When you are having a flu. These are essential, a must have. Kids love these too. You better be prepared for the flu season, have a package or two around! Sure these cost a lot. Everything that helps to reduce flu symptoms are worth it. Trust me. Also a Shipping Saver products. Lower shipping cost with this one!


E.L.F –  ELF Makeup

I think I have mentioned certain products by E.L.F before. Why should men care about these products? I’ll tell you why; Makeups by ELF will keep your wife/girlfriend happy, animals happy, and best of all…It will keep your wallet happy! My wife asked few years back, if iHerb carries any makeups, and that is how we first discovered this brand. Really cheap and high quality makeup line. Yes, there are more organic/natural products out there, but I’m sure when you check ELF out, you won’t regret it. Many E.L.F products are also Shipping Saver products! Reducing the shipping cost of your order! Like I said, it will keep your wallet happy!

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Starwest Botanicals, Organic Curry Powder


Looking for spices? Starwest Botanicals offer wide range of organic spices in large bags. We eat plenty of curry flavored food (plenty of health benefits, just google it!), and buying big bags of spices saves a lot of money too. This organic version is much more cheaper than the non-organic stuff on the local supermarket. Check out the spices too.

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Huy Fong Foods Inc., Chili Garlic Sauce, 18 oz (510 g)

Hands down one of the best chili garlic sauces out there. There are two things I don’t like about this product. 1. You get addicted. You need a quick re-fill 2. The bottle weights a ton, so there’s not much room within the lower shipping price range. If there is a room for this, I’ll surely add this first. A must have. Not too spicy. So you’ll keep the guests happy too. I think I’ll need to order more right now!

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Optimum Nutrition, ZMA , 180 Capsules

Great overnight recovery with ZMA. ZMA helps you to sleep better (more restful) and keep you calm. I love the package too as it has a simple design, and pops out better on the medicine cabinet. Many of the supplements comes in a white packaging. I find the price a quality ratio really good on this one.

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