School Shootings Ain’t Government’s Fault

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Something Has to Be Done – Not Tomorrow, Today!

BullyingFor those who own a short attention span: Here’s is the summary of this blog post: Normal Kid -> Bullying -> Mental Illness -> Guns -> School Shooting. That’s the real short story. I really hope that you are willing to read more.

Each passing day there are students raising another school shooter, a monster. You can also blame the government for that. We are always looking the reason from others. Yes, Government has to participate. Access to guns is way too easy. I’m against gun violence. Actually I’m against all violence. I agree 110%, guns should be banned. Sooner, the better. I’m not stripping down the guns from everyone (police, military, hunters do need a gun). It just time to make some goddamn sense!

Guns has been glorified in movies, books, music…But that just ain’t real life. It’s time to wake up for the reality. This is the sad reality:

Gun Accidents Kill at Least 1 Kid Every Other Day

How can someone be safe around with guns? Behind the screen there are people who own a gun or two and says they will keep their guns safe, and this doesn’t happen in their household. I’m sure every family whom had lost their child due a horrible incident, said exactly the same thing. Each gun accident story is so heartbreaking. I simply can’t read them anymore.

I couldn’t sleep, if there would be guns in our household. No matter how safe those would have been locked. Locking guns might give some people false security feeling. If just that one time, they’ll forget to lock the door… You can’t keep the key with you in your house. You just can’t. It’s not safe. What is locked, is even more tempting for younger children. It’s been always like that, and always will be. Owning a gun, because you can, can’t be the reason of having one. That’s not common-sense, that is just nonsense. I could own various objects that can be used to hurt people, but I don’t own them, just because I can. It’s also the example we set to our kids.

Banning Guns Doesn’t Fix the Real Issues

You can ban guns and the formula changes: Normal Kid -> Bullying -> Mental Illness -> Act of violence (other than guns). Surface might be clean after banning the guns, but it doesn’t solve the real issues.

What is the real issue? Bullying. I have started to hate that word, as it’s not strong enough. No, kids shouldn’t grow a tougher skin, or start solving those situations with violence. Bullying is not child’s play. If you haven’t experienced heavy bullying. You can’t understand what is a “normal” school day for the bullied. I was a normal kid, before the high school started. Not a day goes by, even 20 years later without wishing I still would be the same guy that I was, before the high school started. I want to be that relaxed, optimistic, eager to learn new things and positive about the future. Instead of being insecure, privacy first, scared to go to new places, afraid of crowds…among other things.

Bullying turned me mentally ill. I’ve been depressed for over 20 years. There is nothing in this world that can fix me. Only reason I’m among the living is the reason that I have learned to accept that. When the bullying finally ended, I didn’t know it was just the beginning. 20 years later I’m ready to do whatever I can do share what bullying can do.

World shouldn’t be about the survival of the fittest. Everyone should enjoy their life on earth. Kids can’t choose their environment.  What we can do, is to help each other along the way. After so many school shootings, we should know this better. Bullying is a real disease, and it’s spreading. When someone attacks school with an assault riffle, that alone should tell that bullying is not child’s play anymore. Banning guns is just a first aid to deeper wounds.

In Finland we have a very strict gun laws, yet there have been three school shootings (and one bombing in shopping center), and each time, the killer had been badly bullied. Bullying is a real disease in Finland too. That’s why I’m writing this. If the population in Finland would be same as in the USA. Our school shooting amount would be 230. You’ll have to remember that we have a very strict gun laws compared to the US. Preventing bullying, that’s the only way to go.

How can we fix this?

We are always looking for easy solutions. Nothing comes easy. Everyone has to participate. This starts from parenting and also schools should add classes that focuses on anti-bullying, well-being and wellness. We are living in a world filled with contraptions, we don’t have a boring moment in our life. Slowing down, listening and caring. That’s what we need to learn again. That is the reason why we miss the “good old days”. Kids or their parents back in the day didn’t fill their day with violence. Some people claim that video games and movies doesn’t cause violence. Maybe not, but I’m sure it doesn’t too good either. Not with underage kids. It’s scary to hear a seven year old to yelling “head shot” during recess time. If that doesn’t tell that something is clearly wrong, I don’t know what does. Do your part and stop bullying, and teach others not to bully.

Breath, read, think…repeat. #CommonSense


PS. I live in Finland. That’s why my English is not perfect. I failed at high school, because I was bullied. Blog post is not proofread.

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