Bruce Springsteen – Chain Lightning Outtake

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Bruce Springsteen – Chain Lightning (Unreleased Studio Outtake)

When the track list for The Ties That Bind: The River Collection was announced, I was happy to notice that one my all-time Bruce Springsteen outtakes; “Chain Lightning” was on that list. After the collection came out. I was little disappointed, as it was a totally different version. Not that there is anything wrong about the “The Ties That Bind” version. I just prefer the raw garage rocker version:

Starts like a rockabilly track. In a half minute mark the whole band kicks in, and it’s pure sweaty thunderous rock’n’roll. Real garage rock gem from the 1980. Hopefully one day this version will be officially released. Track 2 Anyone? Best part of these unreleased and unfinished mixes are the errors. Notice the coughs in 0:02 and 1:35 marks. ;)

Some notes about the video:

I did some remastering to the audio track about 10 years ago. I didn’t like the original bootlegged version, which was too flat and narrow (no thunder!), and the vocals were buried really deep (the vocals are still really distant, and I don’t have the multitrack recording. So, this was the best I could do). I really hope that the Windows Movie Maker and Youtube Encoding didn’t kill all the fidelity. I can’t tell. Currently I only have an option to use either laptop speakers, or headphones (left side doesn’t work at all). One day I’ll buy a new headphone set.

Photo is something I’ve just slapped together with a photo editor in few minutes.

It’s been over 4 year since a released a whole song on my Brucetapes Youtube channel. Maybe I’ll release something sooner next time.

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