Why I Don’t Respect Donald Trump

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donald-trump-no-respectAfter each tweet Donald Trump sends, my hopelessness raises. There can’t be a real person behind those tweets. There can’t be anyone that cold. Call this a poem, call this as an open letter… Here’s why I don’t respect Donald Trump.

To get Respect

You must earn your respect

I’m not talking about money

Money doesn’t give you a wisdom, only a fame

Age doesn’t give you a Wisdom, if you can’t learn from your mistakes

Or if you refuse to see another point of view

You can try to run your country like a company

But that doesn’t mean that you can treat people like cattle and see them as numbers

Person next to you is not your enemy, he is your friend

There are more colors than one, President needs to see the whole spectrum

Show emotions, feel emotions

 Even though you can dodge criticism like Teflon

Presidency doesn’t give you superpowers

It comes with a huge responsibility

President leads his country by his example

Narcissistic, arrogant and a bully behavior doesn’t belong to the White House

That’s how the world sees you

Is that really the best version of yourself?

President is the moral compass for his/her country

Real President represents his country with dignity

It’s time to act like a real President

If you can’t be one

World shouldn’t be the survival of the fittest. I want to see a President who teaches kindness, caring, friendship and who have common-sense, warmth, humor and proper moral values… Future we are currently heading towards is looking more and more like the movie Mad Max. It might look cool in movies, but not in real life.

Oskari | Badlands Blog

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