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Holidays Are Here! Gift Ideas Part 1 – iHerb Coupon YUY952


Every year there is this same problem: What Christmas gifts to buy? Well, you came to the right place. In the past I have always had a problem of choosing the right gifts for the Holiday season. I always ended up with same generic stuff that stores are filled with. I now have a perfect solution: Why not buy something different this year? Gift ideas that anyone can afford.

Just as we survived from Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are still those who are wondering what to buy for the Holiday. Christmas Day is still almost a month away, and soon it’s 2019! It’s time to take a look for gift ideas that iHerb.com has to offer. I only suggest products and brands that our family has tested.

Here’s the best gift ideas that iHerb has to offer:



harney sons tea christmasIf there is one company that is easy to recommend, then check out Harney & Sons. Their products offers a beautiful packaging that are just perfect for the Holiday season. For the past Holidays we have given many boxes of wonderful tea from this company. It’s also nice to hear back from people after the Christmas how much they’ve enjoyed our gift. Packaging makes sure that these products are easy to remember. There are even new designs this year. I like them a lot! (see above) There is a wide selection to choose from. Photo used for this blog post is just an example. Of course there are another brands to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with Harney & Sons.


chocolove chocolate gift idea iherb

Chocolove is another brand that offers great packaging ready for the Holidays. Easy to fit with a Christmas envelope ready to send away to.  Save money and time and send it with a Happy Holidays card! Chocolove’s chocolate also tastes good, and there is a wide range of flavors to choose from.


mild by natureWho doesn’t need a soap? I’m one of those who are too cheap to buy any specialty items for our household, but it’s more easier to give something special as a gift. There is even a variety pack of 6 different soaps for those who have trouble of choosing the right one. :)

You can even combine all the above, and other products that iHerb has to offer. To give a different kind of gift basked.

Need more gift ideas? Check out various gift sets from iherb. There are also over 30 000 other products to choose from. Happy shopping!

Other Tips:

Remember to check out the little box icon saying Shipping Saver. Buying those Shipping Saver products can give you a totally free shipping. Even international one!

It’s also great time to use all that loyalty credit you have gained from your previous purchases. Both new and old customers gets 11% loyalty credit.

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