Steel Mill – The Wind And The Rain

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Steel Mill’s “The Wind and the Rain” is one of my all time favorites from the early years (pre E Street Band era). I remember discovering the Steel Mill the first time in 1999, and I could not believe it was Bruce Springsteen playing the guitar. It’s still hard to believe, as the music and guitar playing style is entirely different from what we have used to be.

Steel Mill, one of the best undiscovered hard rock bands of early 70’s. There are surprisingly many bootlegs available from the 1969-1972 era circulating. Bruce went trough various of music styles during those years. Steel Mill remains to be my favorite. Audio sourced from the wonderful bootleg “Sunlight Soldiers at the West End”. I’m sure that the Bruce Springsteen & Co has even better version in the vaults. Maybe one day will pick this concert. So far only one song from Steel Mill has been officially released. Song called He’s Guilty (The Judge Song) was released on Chapter and Verse compilation. He’s Guilty has been listened to over 1 million times on Spotify! So there is an audience for this stuff.

I made a video of this song to dailymotion 11 years ago. I sadly don’t have the video anymore. But I had to upload a new version for myself to the Youtube:

The Wind and the Rain – 1970-04-24 – Monmouth College, Long Branch, NJ

Bruce Springsteen: Vocals, Guitar
Steven Zandt: Bass, Vocals
Danny Federici: Keyboards
Vini Lopez: Drums, Vocals


Wind and rain slashing at my window pain [sic]
It looks like you have lied again
By now I guess it’s just the same
And I am left with the wind and rain

Shattered truth jagged memories of you
Haunting dreams that just can’t come true
How long has it been since I started hating you
Now the wind and rain is my only truth

Wintertime memories of when you were mine
Golded [sic] moments lost in time
Now I hear the grandfather chime
The wind and rain is forever mine

Clouded sky it’s been that way since you’re been gone
I’ve served my punishment for doing you wrong
So why does the feeling keep hanging on
The wind and rain is my only song

Countless days now my skin has wrinkled up
Yet I haven’t had enough
The years have made me far too tough
For the wind and rain is all I love

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