Bruce Springsteen: Gloria/Not Fade Away/She’s The One (LIVE)

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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Gloria/Not Fade Away/She’s The One (LIVE) – 1978-08-15 – Capital Centre, Largo, MD

It’s been a long time since I have uploaded a new video to my Brucetapes Youtube account. For a Christmas present I bought myself a new video editor called Hitfilm Pro. I have used their free version of Hitfilm Express for a year now. It was time to support their hard work. 

Largo 1978 is one of my favorite live performances from the Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Sadly the video is really washed out on details. I did some minor correcting for the colors, and tried to squeeze any details possible back to life. 

As for audio. The original soundtrack is way too flat and dry. It doesn’t sound like a live performance at all. Drums sounded like Mighty Max was hitting cardboard boxes. Now it’s more full, raw and thunderous as it should be. That’s how I like my Darkness On Edge Of Town concerts.

I had my doubts about should I release this or not.  Just this one video took dozens of renders, and tweaks for a week. I did spend too much time for this project to leave this unreleased.  

Gloria – Not Fade Away – She’s The One sequence is one of my favorites. There’s even a little Link Wray riff (Rumble) hidden within. Too much to be a coincidence. It’s no secret that the Boss has listened to his fair share of the Link Wray.


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