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New YouTube Channel For High Quality Live Performances

I wasn’t planning on launching my new YouTube channel anytime soon, but due the Corona virus I thought people might want to see some high quality music videos, when stuck at home. I wanted to make sure I would had a huge archive ready, before launching this, but…things change!

Over the years I have found myself thinking that there should be a music video streaming service like Netflix. Service that focuses on high quality content.  I highly doubt something like this will happen anytime soon. I’m tired of seeing poor 240p YouTube videos. I know some of the videos has been on YouTube ages without an upgrade. I also know that the site didn’t have the option for HD content back in the day.

Last Christmas I started to buy some new software, and started to see how much I can really improve those old videos. I have done photo restoration for a living, and have used video editors for over 10 years as a hobby.

There are some major hardware upgrades I need to do, and some software updates too. I highly doubt I got any major projects done this year. After all, I’m focusing only to deliver best possible quality that semi-pro home user can.

Meet Pure Frosting HD Archives:

Pure Frosting HD Archives Youtube channel features videos in 1080p resolution at the highest currently (I’d do 4k, but just for the 1080p versions takes days to render). Also if you have a high quality upscaler like NVIDIA Shield TV. It provides stunning quality when upscaling 720p & 1080p material to 4K! A must buy for anyone wanting step up their gear!

Easiest way to improve video quality. Remember to buy an HDMI cable too.

What type of music I’m going to upload? The Presidents of the United States of America, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, Seasick Steve, AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Metallica, Aerosmith and that sorta stuff.

Good thing about YouTube is that the videos gets claimed by the copyright owners. So the money goes to rightful owners. I’m happy to remove any videos. I’m doing this project mostly because I want my favorite videos to travel with me. Youtube offers a great and easy way to do so.

I have no control over the ads. Youtube adds them automatically. If it’s middle of the track, I’m sorry! If you wish to remove them. Buy the Youtube Premium subscription!

What video restoration can do?:

Here’s a screenshot of how a low quality webcast looks like when restored and upscaled onto 1080p, using various filters combined with AI tools. With a 100% zoom the difference is huge! (click the photo) Here’s a screenshot of Presidents of the USA show from Paradiso 2006:PUSA Edit

It’s just a work in progress. Don’t hold your breath waiting the show to be released. I don’t have enough power on my PC to fully render the whole show. Also my computer (laptop) has a broken fan, so I can’t render any long videos. I’m hoping to get a new PC in Christmas of 2020 when tax returns gets paid. (I hope I will get any). :)


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