Bruce Springsteen B&W Cover Art in Color

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Colorizing the Black and White Bruce Springsteen Cover Art *Updated with Nebraska & My Hometown

A while back I did some restoration and colorization work for the old Castiles promo photos. This time I had to tackle the official cover art. Have you ever wondered how some of the B&W covers would have looked in color? Here’s your chance.

Nebraska was such a strange task. There’s not much detail on that black and white photo. Also one thing I discovered with Nebraska was the fact that there are dozens of different editions with a different cover art. Different crops of the photo.

Clicking the photo takes you to the original photo (Amazon link)

Born to Run:

The River:


My Hometown:

The Promise:

Chapter and Verse:


Thanks to this project. I finally relaunched my Fiverr gig for photo restorations. If you have old photos that need to be fixed. Just contact me via Fiverr. Thanks!


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