Bruce Springsteen – I’m Your Detail Man (Video)

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Unreleased Bruce Springsteen Song?

Thanks to Coronavirus (COVID-19), I’m stuck at home. I have some extra time to edit some videos. Sadly my laptop keeps overheating, so I can only do short videos. Luckily the Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty & John Stamos jam from John Fogerty’s private 50th birthday party is a short one. Also it’s not the complete video from the birthday party. Every song is cut except the “I’m Your Detail Man”.

Instagram seems to be the worst place to post any non mobilephone shot videos. It has on vertical videos?!?!? So, here’s the video fixed to a better aspect ratio. I also did some EQ for the audio track so it’s not too harsh to your ears. ‘Cause, I’m a detail man….

Song might be unreleased Bruce Springsteen song, but it might be a less known blues cover too. I think the song is about John Fogerty as he is very keen to details (link goes to his book).

Some time back I launched a new youtube channel called “Pure Frosting HD Archives”, but this is so low quality video that I uploaded it to my old Brucetapes youtube channel.

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