THE BAND – November 1st 1970 (Video Upgrade)

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New Video Uploaded! THE BAND – November 1st 1970 – The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


New video upgrade available. How does this upload compare to the previous version on Youtube? Colors have been tuned. so the band members don’t look like they have been taken from the Simpsons. (No yellow/green tint). Video is less dark, and the audio has more warmth. Although the audio still has its flaws. Random noises, pops etc… I tried to filter them out, but it was an impossible job. Also when viewed full screen it should keep the details a little better. This show has been released fully on CD (unauthorized release). Check out Amazon for more info. I have no idea how the audio compares between my video and the released CD.

1. Time To Kill
2. The Weight
3. This Wheel’s On Fire
4. Up On Cripple Creek

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